ARTC is a Chicago based company selling lab instruments, safety hoods and HTS plastics for drug discovery, research and development or quality control.  To help ensure your success, ARTC will continue to offer product installation, training and service as we grow.

Making good on our trademark, ARTC brings more than 15 years experience in analytical chemistry, lab automation and life science research. 


Rely on ARTC's long term service to keep your lab moving smartly toward your targets, We support our customers with training and by servicing what we sell, both instruments and consumable items!

New software comes out, new staff comes in.  Training demonstrates your commitment to quality and establishes responsibility in the lab.  Inexperience and un-intended abuse easily leads to repeat work and much costlier errors.    Training is your ounce of prevention!

Improve accuracy and precision!  Contact us for:

  • A round of instrument training for your staff,
  • A hardware accessories or software upgrades,
  • QC material and hardware check-ups for your ARTC equipment!